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Video Poker and Generic Poker Terms

Ace-High: A five-card hand consisting of an ace without a pair; It outranks a king-high, but loses to any pair or above.

Aces Full: A full house hand with aces over any pair.

All-In: The act of wagering all remaining chips a player has.

An Ace Working: An ace in a hand.

Ante: A small token bet required prior to the beginning of a hand.

Back Door Flush (or Straight): When the last two cards make a player's hand.

Bankroll: The total sum of money a player has available for wagering.

Belly Buster: A draw to fill an inside straight; a gut shot.

The act of voluntarily putting money or chips into the pot.

Bet The Pot:
To bet the full value of the pot.

The lowest possible hand in lowball: Ace-2-3-4-5. This hand is also called a Wheel.

Big Slick:
An Ace/King card combo.

Blind Raise:
The act of raising without looking at cards.

The act of betting or raising with a hand that will probably be the least likely to win.

Term for a Full House.

An ace high straight.

An Ace.

To raise.

Buried Pair:
In stud games, a pair in the hole.

A worthless hand that has failed to improve as the player hoped; a busted hand.

To match, rather than raise, the previous bet.

Cash In:
To leave the game and convert one's chips to cash, either with the dealer or at the cage.

Cash Out: To leave a game and cash in one's chips at the cage.

To abstain from betting, reserving the right to call or raise if another player bets. Also another name for a chip.

A very substandard starting hand.
Cold Deck: A fixed deck.

Playing a worthless hand in the hope of improving it is called "playing on the come."

Come Hand:
A hand that has not yet been made, requiring one or more cards from the draw to complete it.

Slang for a King.

Dead Money:
Money put into the pot by players who have already folded.

Dealer's Choice:
A game in which each dealer, in turn, chooses the type of poker to be played.

A two, the lowest ranking card in high poker.

Draw Out:
To improve your hand so that it beats an opponent who had a better hand than yours prior to your draw.

Draw Poker:
A form of poker in which each player receives five cards and then has the option of discarding one or more of them and receiving new cards in their place.

To fold.

Even Money:
A wager made in hopes of earning the amount that was wagered.

Fill Up:
The act of creating a Full House.

An amateur who continues to lose at consecutive poker hands.

Slang for Jacks.

Five-Card Draw:
A type of poker game in which the players are allowed to draw cards for replacing their initial five cards.

Five-Card Stud:
A type of poker game in which the players are dealt five cards, one of them being exposed.

In flop games of poker, this is the term given to the act of simultaneously exposing the first three community cards before the second betting round.

Flop Games:
A family of poker games played with five community cards that can be used by all the players. Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha are Flop Games.

Five cards of the same suit.

Flush Draw:
The act of drawing a fifth card that will determine whether a hand is a Flush or not.

When four cards are of the same suit, but still needing a fifth card of exact suit to create a true Flush.

Four Of A Kind:
Four cards of equal value from each suit.

Full House:
Any three cards of equal value, with the addition of a pair (two cards of equal value).

A drawn card which fills an inside straight.

Five cards comprising a rank determined by card combinations.

A poker game in which the highest and lowest hands share the pot. Also called High-Low Split.

The act of drawing a sought after card.

Hit And Run:
The act of joining a poker game, winning big in a short period of time, and leaving the table.

Hold 'Em:
A type of poker that implements five community cards in combination with two hole cards in molding a five-card hand.

A concealed card.

Hole Card:
A card that is being concealed in a hand.

Home Run Hitter:
A player who makes risky calls and wins.

A casino or card playing room.

Adjective used to describe a player who wins often.

Implied Odds:
The amount of money that could be won on a wager compared to the amount of money needed to stay in the game.

Inside Straight:
Four cards needing one in the middle to fulfill a straight.

Jackpot Poker:
A type of poker in which a jackpot is made available for bad beats. Aces or better is usually a prerequisite.

Jacks Or Better:
A type of draw poker in which a player is required to have at least a pair of Jacks in their hand to commence the betting.

The fifty-third card in a deck, serving as a wild card.

Kick It:
The act of raising.

The highest unpaired side card.

A Jack.

The act of losing a portion or the full some of one's earnings due to sloppy gambling.

Limit Poker:
A poker game that has set minimum and maximum betting intervals.

Live One:
Name given to a gullible player who evidently has plenty of money to gamble.

A hand that is sure to win.

Long Odds:
A very unlikely chance for an event to take place.

Name given to a bold and reckless player who plays for hands more cautious players would not go for.

The act of not being able to make a drawing hand when a player's final cards are dealt.

A hand that is a sure winner.

No-Limit Poker:
A type of poker game that does not place any limits on wager size whatsoever.

The best possible hand at any point in the game, a cinch hand.

The probability of winning in ratio to the probability of not winning.

Two different suits, describing the first two cards of the game.

On The Come:
A hand that is being molded towards a straight or flush while cards are being drawn.

On Tilt:
Term given to the mental state of a player who is making emotional decisions in the game.

An inside straight.

The act of making the first bet.

Open-Ended Straight:
A hand that consists of four successive cards that require one more card at either end of the card line in order to make a true five-card straight.

Open Card:
An exposed card, or a card dealt that is revealed while being dealt.

Open Poker:
Poker games that require some of the cards to be dealt face up.

A card that is still circulating in the deck, which could significantly better a players hand.

Paint Cards:
King, Queen and Jack; face cards; court cards; picture cards.

Two cards of the same value.

The same as folding.

Pay Off:
The act of calling a wager by a player who believes they have an inferior hand.

Picture Cards:
King, Queen and Jack; face cards; court cards; paint cards.

The suit symbols on a non-court card that designate the cards rank.

Pocket Rockets:
A pair of aces in the hole.

The money or chips gathered at the center of the playing table.

Used in casinos, a plastic tray capable of holding 100 chips in 5 stacks of 20.

Meaningless cards treated as scraps of paper.

Three or four cards of unlike suits.

To call and increase the previous bet placed in a betting round.

The worth or value of a playing card.

The act of one player attempting to uncover another players gambling tactics.

A conservative and predictable player.

Royal Flush:
The highest ranked hand in poker, consisting of five cards of same suit, with the denominations 10 through the Ace.

A straight, or a series of good cards in a hand.

Running Bad:
A losing streak.

Running Good:
A winning streak.

Running Pair:
When the last two cards on the board happen to be pair.

Scare Card:
An up card which may have made an excellent or winning hand.

The act of winning the complete pot.

The act of wagering with a hand that will not likely win, but has good odds of improving.

Another name given to a three of a kind.

Splash Around:
The act of gambling more aggressive and imprudent then should be.

Five successive cards of various suits.

Straight Flush:
Five successive cards of one suit.

A run of good or bad cards.

Any type of poker where the initial cards of a players hand are dealt face down, while many of the remaining dealt cards are done so face up.

Cards being of one suit.

Tapped Out:
When a player is out of money.

Three Flush:
Three cards of one suit.

Three Of A Kind:
Three cards of the same value.

Top Pair:
In flop games of poker, this is the act of pairing the highest card.

A three.

Another name for a three of a kind.

Another name for 'triplets'.

Two Flush:
Two cards of one suit.

Two Pair:
A poker hand comprised of two pairs and a kicker.
Underdog: Name given to the player who holds the hand least likely of winning after the initial cards are dealt.

In lowball games of poker, this is the lowest hand: Ace-2-3-4-5, commonly referred to as a 'bicycle'.

Wild Card:
Any card that has been deemed to function as a joker, which enables it to be played at any denomination.

Wired Pair:
A live pair in a players hand.

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